MicroAge Manitoba

Since 1980, MicroAge Manitoba has been delivering IT support and services to small and medium-sized organizations across the province. We pride ourselves in our ability to watch current IT trends, analyze the way they may impact our clients, and deploy IT solutions that are business-ready. We not only make your current information technology management solutions work for you but continually keep our eyes on your future.

How We Can Help

Managed Services

Many companies never realize the benefits of having well managed IT services or IT strategy consulting. We will provide you with your cost-effective solution. Whether we supplement your IT department or become your IT department, you save money while gaining access to the latest technology.

IT professional
Virtual CIO

When managing a business, it is essential to have a strong strategy in place for your company to run effectively. Your networks and servers are vital to the success of your business. Our Virtual CIO service offers you IT strategy and IT consulting to help you get the most out of your business systems.

cloud solutions flexibility and control
Cloud Solutions

Convert your IT investments into a predictable operating expense. Our hybrid Cloud solutions give you the flexibility to store some of your information in the cloud, such as email, while keeping your sensitive data stored locally. Our Managed Hosting services enable you to eliminate upfront server costs while giving you access to enterprise class data hosted solutions for your email, file storage and backup solutions. We offer a wide range of reliable, scalable and secure services.

Customized IT Services

No commitment and a competitive hourly rate. Many small to medium businesses cannot afford to have a full-time IT professional. Why hire one person when you can gain a team of experts through us at a fraction of the cost? Businesses come to us for customized IT services with needs ranging from computer repair and data recovery to network security and cloud computing. No matter what your company needs are, our customized IT services can help create a solution for your business.

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