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The primary focus of non-profit organizations needs to be on the good work they’re doing and the people they’re helping—not worrying about IT. Spending massive amounts of time on putting out fires makes it difficult to look ahead and strategically plan for future needs. And, finding information about technology that works best for your organization is time-consuming.

MicroAge has the expertise to recommend the best technology for your organization. We leverage our strong partnerships with Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Dell and more to find the best price—plus, handle the purchasing and installation process. We serve as your partner for technology guidance, ongoing responsive support, and proactive network management. We appreciate the work you do and want to build on your success by implementing strategic non-profit IT support solutions to ensure your message is received loud and clear.
Leverage Technology

Your message has to be received to be successful. But delivery channels for programs and services are constantly changing. We help you get your voice heard by bringing more awareness to your cause through enhanced websites, email, mobile, social and more.

Reduce Costs

Cloud solutions allow you to take advantage of the most up-to-date technologies without breaking your budget. MicroAge recommends the best solutions that keep costs down and make it easier to communicate with the people you help and the stakeholders who support your cause.

Enhance Collaboration

Moving to Office 365 allows you and your team to share files, schedules and contact information. Easily communicate and reduce the heavy workload for your staff and volunteers, all while saving money.

information and data management for business continuity
Keep Data Secure

Your donors and those you serve are counting on you to keep their information safe and secure. Our experts monitor your systems and protect all the important data you collect, process and store. Focus on your cause with complete confidence.

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