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The top priority of a healthcare provider should be the health and well being of its patients, not its IT infrastructure. But, better patient care starts with secure, timely and accurate communication and collaboration.

MicroAge delivers medical IT solutions and support that minimize risk. Partner with us to solve your storage and server utilization challenges, and growing data privacy pressures. Get medical and healthcare IT solutions that integrate and streamline the systems that power your day-to-day operations.

Whether it’s preventing outages, quickly resolving issues, helping you leverage the latest technology or maintaining compliance, our team of IT experts has you covered.
Increase Efficiency

Your patient care and treatment is top priority. Trust us to minimize downtime, keep things up to date and give you back the time to focus on projects that enhance standards and deliver better outcomes.

information and data management for business continuity
Protect Vital Data

Critical data backup is one of the most important aspects of a successful healthcare practice. We’ll manage and safeguard your data, plus puts plans in place to ensure it can be successfully recovered if it’s lost, damaged or destroyed.

Save Money

Look to us for proactive support that gives you a healthier bottom line. Remote monitoring removes the need for on-site IT staff, plus we can manage vendor relationships to get you the best prices on the latest technologies.

Maximize Up-time

Round-the-clock support is critical to ensure the highest levels of availability. Get 24/7/365 proactive support that includes constant monitoring and remote access.

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