How secure is your organization?

With RansomeWare attacks on the rise, it's important that you make sure you can protect and restore your data. Every company is affected, no exception, period! Every organization should understand and have a concept about how these risks affect them, including their customers, vendors, and their markets. Our business continuity solutions help you define the right approach to protecting the operations of your business.
business continuity - complete data security
Ensure Complete Data Security

One of the basic IT task is to provide comprehensive backups for everything, always. Usually the problem is very rarely not having backups, but the "everything", and the "always".

vulnerability testing for cybersecurity
Unveil Vulnerability

In short, Ethical hacking is nothing more than a simulation of a real hacking attack. Our primary objective to uncover each and every vulnerability, to document these findings and make recommendations on how to eliminate them most effectively.

information and data management for business continuity
Practice Information Management

Information management is pretty much mix of policies, guidelines, tools, education, and compliance practices. You need a comprehensive, systematic way to keep your data safe.

Our Business Continuity Solutions

business continuity - complete data security


Checking the processes, tools, practices in place regarding backups. Also, it the data recovery test "simulating a disaster" can be part of the audit. We never believe internal IT staff, or managed service providers until we have checked the way they are doing backups.


Implementation of the strategies, technologies, processes, governance for onsite and offsite backups. It can include all the needed technology in place, like tapes, NAS, cloud backup or managing the deposit box for the manual offsite backup.


Implementation of the quality control of processes, policies, responsibilities around backups. 99% of the time the data loss is nothing to do with technology malfunction, but human error.

Change Management

Implementation of best practices, how the backup will change as the company is changing. New systems, new people, new sites, etc. Make sure in the future there is a closed loop cycle around these changes.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Implementation of a Disaster Recovery Plan, which collect all the procedures, processes, policies need to be followed in case of an outage, temporary data loss, disaster. This is a very important and practical approach to make sure everything is in order when the thunder hits.

vulnerability testing for cybersecurity

External Vulnerability Assessment

Primarily focuses on how an attack could be carried out from the outside inwards, most commonly reaching down from seemingly harmless company website to a database server. 

Internal Vulnerability Assessment:

 We recommend an internal vulnerability assessment to all our clients who have sensitive information stored on their intranet or internal network, and prefer not to have them accessed by employees without proper roles or authorization.

Vulnerability Assessment of Complex Web Applications

This assessment intends to fit the needs of companies that have custom web applications specially developed or adopted to support their business processes. However commonly used widespread web applications that carry company value or store highly sensitive data also make a typical subject to assess.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering often enables the attacker to bypass installed security toolsets such as firewalls or intrusion detections systems. The naivety of users results in an easy penetration point - these attacks aim that the target persons provide credentials themselves so that the intruders may infiltrate the corporate network.

information and data management for business continuity

Social Media Control

Managing the social media usage (time wasting and security) with soft and hard ways, like policies, guidelines, shared values or monitoring, reporting, limitations, restrictions, etc.

Internet Usage Control

Managing the internet usage (time wasting, bandwidth wasting and security)  with soft and hard ways as in social media control. 

Bring your Own Device (BYOD)

Separation of the private and corporate space even the device is not owned by the company. Guidelines, policies, education. 

Mobile Device Management

Centralized management of smartphones, tablets. Swipe, edit, limitations, using policies, template settings, etc.

HR & Legal

Have the necessary legal protection for the company in case of data leak, theft, damage or any other activity of employees. Also make clear of the typical personal rights issues around emails, stored documents, etc.

Basic Security Tools

Setting up basic security policies, tools like encryption of notebook HDDs, personal password protection, controlling USB drives and so on.

Communication & Collaboration

Managing the email overload with basic tools, inbox, task management, calendar best practices. Also, big part is the techniques of dealing with the same issue as a team.


Big part is Information security, management compliance's. Like storage of information, security policies, or managing any other official security compliance.

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