A complete IT department for your business

Our managed IT services in St. John provides your business with complete peace of mind as our team of IT professionals take care of monitoring, managing, maintaining and optimizing your IT assets for you.

Focus on your business

Focus on the key activities of your business with confidence as we make sure your IT assets are running smoothly and securely. 

Improve productivity

Having a team of IT pros being available when you need them and working for you in the background lets your team be more productive by limiting downtime and increasing performance.

Maximize your IT investments

Get the most out of your IT assets by keeping them well managed. We make sure your team can get the most out of internal technology tools and works securely and smoothly for you, so you don't have to worry about it.

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The M4 Managed IT Services Approach

The M4 approach is based on the industry's best practices and from our experience managing thousands of devices and assets for our clients.
This proven process enables organizations we work with to benefit from the same high-quality services, whatever their size and industry.


We monitor your IT assets in real-time with strategic alerts and ensure our team is always looking over your IT investments so they stay available for your business.


Our team continuously maintains your hardware and software with recent patches and updates and remains available to remotely support your team.


We manage all your IT assets proactively to ensure optimal performance and security, providing you and your business with complete peace of mind.


Our managed IT services provider helps you get the most out of our IT assets by making sure they are always running optimally and according to the best standards of the industry.

Our Managed IT Services Include

24/7 Monitoring

Focus on your business while our team and software monitor your IT assets in real-time, preventing problems from happening and reducing potential down-time.

Security Managed

Work confidently as our team makes sure your company's data is properly secured and backed up with the right software, hardware and security best practices.

Help Desk Support

Increase your team's productivity as our managed IT support team is always ready to answer their calls and remotely provide solutions to manage all the working activities.

Network Management

Provide optimal network performance and IT management solutions to your business while we make sure everything is running smoothly and securely for you.

Executive Reporting

We provide complete reporting and documentation of our work and performance of your IT assets so you know exactly what's going on.

Consulting Services

We adopt a proactive approach to your IT needs with regular reviews, IT alignment, and strategic planning so you're always prepared for what's next.

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We offer end-to-end IT solutions to businesses of all sizes in the St. John's area. Our clients leverage our expertise to maximize their IT investments, secure their businesses and stay competitive.