Introducing Our M4 Managed Services Platform!

Our M4 Managed Services platform is an all-inclusive IT support package that many of our clients have adopted as a natural extension of the services we already provide to them. By using our M4 Managed Services system we become your organization’s technical resource for all of your IT needs from end to end; New Installations, Onsite Support, Local Helpdesk and Project Management.

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Available M4 Managed Services Packages:


What do you Monitor?

Our monitoring system is designed to get health checks from your Network and Computers that you choose to protect. If your network is down or a hard drive in a server is failing, we can respond to it right away and before you know it, the issue will be fixed.
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What do you Manage?

We install a suite of software ranging from Anti-virus/Malware to Cloud Backup or an entire package with an app to get you the support you need with ease and convenience. Our managed antivirus alerts us to possible malicious attacks on the protected system; our help desk makes a determination on how severe the issue may be and we follow up depending on the severity of the situation.
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What do you Maintain?

Our maintenance services are inclusive to most makes and models of computer systems, printers, servers, workstations, laptops and mobile devices. Our specialty is the Microsoft Windows platform; we maintain any desktop, server and mobile versions and we have a wealth of knowledge with the most common, business-focused apps such as Microsoft Office and Adobe software products.
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How do we Maximize?

We work with you as a natural extension of your business, without allocating the space for an IT guy in the office! We’ll help you with consulting, research and project management of anything technology related that you might need us for. We also have a full-service training center with a wide range of courses that will allow you to learn, increase your productivity or just brush up on something you don’t quite know. We’ll also provide guidance and instruction on how to move forward with your IT infrastructure with best practices in mind.
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