With the end of the Year about 2 weeks away, now is the time most of us are reflecting on the year past, and thinking about what we want to do for the Holidays. While some of us are planning Caribbean vacations, or making lists for Santa, there are others among us researching trends for 2019. Thankfully, MicroAge has some of those people. Here are the top three trends you can expect to see in the coming year.


2018 already saw some major advancements on the side of Government regarding cybersecurity. In Europe (and people who deal with European clients), there is GDPR. In Canada there is PIPEDA. As the threats to our data only continue to increase, we can expect to see an increase in cybersecurity related services and products as well. With higher Government standards and regulations requiring a higher level of protection, this trend will lead business owners to:

  • Layer their security approach (multiple different tools and data security options)
  • Train their employees on security and best practices
  • Use AI software which can learn and adapt to ever-changing threats


In our modern world of business, there is a constant change to the way in which we do things. This isn’t limited to just business practices. This involves the ways in which we actually do our work, too. Before computers there was typewriters, before scanning and emailing there was faxing. And now, we are beginning to see some more changes, such as:

  • More and more applications are going Cloud-based
  • Mobility (more people want to work from home)
  • Collaboration (people need to share and work on documents in real time)

Managed Services

With the jump to new changes in business technology, more digitization, more cloud, more cyberattacks, businesses now more than ever are needing to rely on managed service providers (MSPs) to help keep them up and running in 2019. Another major trend you can expect to see in 2019 is the need for businesses to hire out MSPs for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Managed Antivirus, Patch and Updates
  • Helpdesk
  • On-call support services
  • Contracts

If your IT has been causing you a lot of issues lately, if you’re concerned over the state of your security, or if you just want to talk options for the future, MicroAge is here, and we’re more than willing to help! Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have!

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