Whether your business has a full team of in-house IT staff or specialized task-based IT personnel, this sort of investment is not worth the cost. The IT industry is ever-changing; replacing or adding to your staff is not only difficult, but time-consuming and expensive with no guarantees they are a good fit. Today, IT staffing services are being used by more and more companies. These services provide on-demand, specialized personnel, for temporary workloads or projects in a cost-efficient manner.

Saving Time and Money

Hiring temporary staff can become expensive for an organization. In addition to the time invested finding, interviewing and selecting the right person for the job, you must also draw up the paperwork and do a background check. Furthermore, find candidates is even harder when you announce that the position is “temporary”. With IT staffing services, you deal with the final candidate selected and pay a simple fee to the service provider; saving you both time and money.


Managing Workload Fluctuations

IT related projects are often time sensitive and result in big workload fluctuations. From a simple office move to complex IT implementations, businesses need to complete tasks quickly and effectively. Having access to temporary resources for these types of projects becomes very interesting for businesses as they only pay for the additional manpower they need, when they truly need it. This is true for vacations and temporary replacements as well; businesses can find temporary staff to make sure they don’t fall behind while their full-time staff is temporarily away.


Working with An IT Company for your IT Staffing Needs

While the staffing industry is filled with qualified agencies, IT companies have an edge when it comes to finding the right IT personnel for your business needs. We eat, sleep and breathe technology which means we understand the complexity of your projects and have direct access to pre-qualified candidates.


Finding the Right People

Finding the perfect candidate is difficult; does he have the right skill set to complete your challenging IT tasks. By leveraging IT staffing services, you will benefit from our specialized knowledge and pre-qualified candidates. Your company is paired with exceptional staff ready to support your business.

For additional IT personnel for your big projects or vacation replacements and more, MicroAge has the right range of services to support your business needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


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