Cybercrime is rising, and your business might be next on the list (of victims including millions of users and businesses). Cybercrime is definitely nothing new for most users. Viruses, malware and phishing attacks have made running a technologically-assisted even more challenging. Identity theft, compromised data, preventing access to networks,  are some examples of online threats. The importance of cyber security training speaks should speak for itself…

In order to combat e-criminals, businesses have resorted to security measures such as military-grade firewalls, email security systems, and employing sophisticated IT protocols. Cyber security has come a long way from simply installing free basic antivirus. Instead, more businesses are seeking help from IT consultants, and sometimes even reformed hackers.

Paying for state-of-the-art security systems might seem like a good idea, but here’s the thing, without properly trained employees, even the most high-tech security systems are useless. You’ve probably heard this many times, “humans are the weakest link” ; your employees are the easier target for hackers. There’s no better, easier way to infiltrate your network than by going through someone who already has access to it.


Unloading the details

58% of SMBs experience a cyberattack last year, with the percentage growing annually. 95% of these cybersecurity breaches were caused by human error.  Most organizations are unprepared to face a cyber attack – only four out of ten global organizations state that they’re prepared to handle an intricate cyber attack. Since human error is almost always the cause for security breaches, the problem can be avoided with proper cyber security training.

Favoured tactics often used by cyber-criminals are social engineering (manipulating victims into surrendering sensitive information data) and phishing, the act of sending phony emails to people who end up unwittingly giving hackers access to their companies’ networks. Between the two, phishing has the higher success rate at 95% percent.


Choosing your army of cyber soldiers

Aside from your cybersecurity technology, your own employees can help defend your company against potential cyber threats. With cybersecurity training they will be made aware of the cyber-threat landscape, but also give the tools, methods and habits needed to prevent an attack. Every employee who uses a computer at the office, or does anything with their personal devices in the office, should undergo cybersecurity training. Employees that don’t undergo training are at risk of identity theft and having their sensitive information compromised. Allowing cyber-criminals to tarnish your brand’s reputation with fake profiles, leak sensitive information, and commit other vile acts.


Understanding course contents

There is wide array of providers to choose from, but the best cybersecurity awareness training courses cover the following: current threats, attacking red flags, defensive procedures, and threat reaction plans. The course you choose should also feature the latest hacking trends; cyber-criminals are constantly devising new ways to get into even the most secure systems.


Cyber Security Training for your employees

It’s always a good idea to invest in courses that are taught by professional cybersecurity experts who really know their stuff and  provide a personalized defence strategy for your business.

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