Managed IT Services in Montreal

Complete IT Management Services

MicroAge provides a full suite of managed IT services that can be tailored to meet the needs of any business. Our team of dedicated professionals can monitor your IT assets and provide the technical support needed to handle any hardware and software issues that could compromise your network.

For managed IT services, Montreal-area companies trust MicroAge. We provide vigilant monitoring, strategic planning, proactive management and responsive maintenance services that will tend to all aspects of your company's information technology needs.

Focus on Your Business

Managed IT service providers help businesses increase productivity and control costs. Enjoy the peace of mind that a well-managed IT department provides to invest your time and energy in value-adding projects for your business, not IT infrastructure management.

Eliminate Downtime

Our comprehensive network monitoring and strategic planning will make sure that your cloud computing, hardware and software systems are always working as they should be.

Contracting out an IT department to a managed service company can actually lead to huge savings by reducing downtime, cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

Disruptions to cloud services or gaps in company IT infrastructure that hinder operations come at a huge cost. If your company has struggled with IT issues, the impact on your business is probably more costly than you expect.

The MicroAge Way - Monitor, Maintain, Manage, Maximize

As a managed services provider, MicroAge draws on its expertise, experience and core values to offer unparalleled support and business continuity. Our holistic approach to managed services ensures that every aspect of your IT needs will receive the attention it requires.

We find solutions to problems with any IT system. From cloud computing to hardware and software issues or even disaster recovery, our technical support services are always available when you need them.


Managed devices for our Clients


Average downtime reduction


First-time call resolution

< 0 minutes

Reponse time by a technician


We monitor your assets in real-time 24x7x365 and establish strategic alerts based on your business needs so you never miss any information and prevent problems before they even happen.


Our team is constantly available to support you remotely and on-site to prevent downtime and provide you with all the assistance you need to ensure your business is running smoothly.


We manage performance, standards, security and incidents for you so you get the most out of your IT assets. You will never have had such a simple and efficient management of our IT.


We help you understand, analyse and optimize your facilities to maximize your performance and return on investment with customized reporting and recommendations based on your specific business goals.

For businesses

Managed IT Services

If your company has existing IT assets, contact us for managed services that will increase efficiency and simplify operations. Filling in the gaps in your current IT department with our managed services lets you leverage the power of a complete team of service providers.

24x7x365 remote monitoring of your environment

Managed security (workstations & infrastructure)

End-user support (7 am - 11 pm)

Network and incident management

Complete document and executive reports

Consulting services : Business reviews and IT alignment

For IT teams within an organization

Co-Managed IT Services

If your company already has a complete IT team, we can provide the tools and support you need to increase efficiency and cut costs. We provide complete IT security and infrastructure management support.

Remote monitoring and management platform

Call management platform ("Ticketing/PSA")

End-user support (7 am - 11 pm)

Support calls overflow

Contractual IT resources

Consulting services : knowledge transfer and process implementation

For on-demand needs

À la carte IT Services

Our à la carte managed service packages let you pick and choose from our options and services according to your needs. Ideal for small businesses, our managed services offer an unparalleled freedom and flexibility.

Backup & data management

Cybersecurity awareness & training

End-user support (7 am - 11 pm)

Managed antivirus

Patch management

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Our Clients

We cherish the relationships we have developed with our clients through providing managed services over the years. We work with them on a daily basis to help them achieve their business goals.

Here are some of the brands we work with and what they have to say about us as a managed services provider.



" For several years now, Novexco has been using MicroAge as a business partner for its IT infrastructure. We have worked on virtualization, San and maintenance projects. MicroAge has expertise that makes it an excellent partner for us. We use their services through our offices and warehouses across Canada. "

-Gabriel Bergevin, Infrastructure Consultant @ Novexco


" … For more than 15 years, MicroAge has been our consulting firm for the management of IT needs. We have developed several service models with them. MicroAge provides us with end-user support, server management, infrastructure development. MicroAge also supports the full licence renewal components of our solutions. 

The speed at which information technology solutions change is incredible. We work with MicroAge to develop models that meet the real needs of the foundation while keeping an eye on new opportunities. The MicroAge team works proactively, making sure to understand our expectations. Whether it's sales, network engineers, support technicians, we always have a professional approach.

Working with MicroAge allows us to keep our focus on philanthropic challenges. Their customer service is excellent and we recommend MicroAge because their expertise has always served us well."

-Violaine R. Fortin, Assistant Director, IT and Databases @ MCHF

"Over almost two decades, MicroAge has proven to have the ability to service our every I.T. need from the customized design of our network infrastructure to end user support. 

MicroAge is able to anticipate our specific needs. Our environment is not an easy one as we have many exceptions to the rules. Their technicians respond quickly and they take the time to understand our business in order to tailor the solution that works best within our environment. 

I highly recommend MicroAge as an I.T. service partner if what you are looking for is innovative thinking, professionalism, business acumen and a team that is dedicated to your success. They listen to the concerns of their clients and find solutions: that is true Customer Service. In today’s business world,  it is a rarity to find a company who cares about their customers like MicroAge does. We consider MicroAge an extension of our team and an asset to our business."

-Adèle Di Giosa, General Manager @ Euro-Pharm

"Microage has accompanied GCM Consultants in a critical period of growth and has become a key supplier to our operations. We especially appreciate the expertise of resources and concern for the satisfaction of our needs. This allowed our teams to work closely together towards the success of our projects. I highly recommend the services of Microage."

-Yohann Morency, ing., D.E.S.S.G., Directeur of admin. services @ GCM Consultants


"Over the last 10 years Groupe Lefebvre has seen major technological advancements. From a fiber optic network installation duplication in our St-Vincent de Paul site, to the implementation of IP telephony and the implementation of our WMS (Warehouse Management System) together with the establishment of a TMS, virtualization of our servers in constant duplication, to implementing a good data backup solution, etc.

Over the years we had the choice to hire domestic skilled labor to put these beautiful large projects underway for the development of the Group's business or to partner with a strong partner who is able to support us 24 / 7 with a qualified multidisciplinary team.

We chose option 2 and we are very proud to work with MicroAge, thank you to the whole team for supporting us every day as part of our distribution operations!"

-François Messara, CPA, CA, General Manager @ Groupe Lefebvre

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Get the Most from your IT

Companies throughout the greater Montreal area and beyond choose MicroAge to provide managed services across a range of industries. As service providers to more than 300 companies, the dedicated professionals at MicroAge are second to none when it comes to managed services.

By improving efficiency, cutting costs and reducing downtime, we can help you achieve your business goals!