Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection provides an advanced, comprehensive threat detection and defence solution for an organization’s computer endpoints (laptops, desktops and tablets).

This fully monitored and managed solution allows organizations to improve their security posture by leveraging experts to correctly deploy, configure, maintain and respond to endpoint threats around the clock.

The many features of our comprehensive Endpoint Protection Service

Advanced Threat Defence

Coupled with industry leading SIEM, providing multiple layers of automated endpoint protection. Including: anti-virus, exploit prevention, desktop firewall, sand-boxing, malware protection, application containment and integrated machine learning to identify malicious code based on appearance and behaviour.

Monthly Reports

Gain insight into your endpoints with our monthly reporting. Our automatically generated reports provide information on threats and coverage status. They allow you to understand your security posture and how threats are mitigated.

Centrally Managed 24/7/365

A team of dedicated network and security experts manage the endpoint protection suite. They provide updates, improve security posture and respond to detected threats in real time. You'll be notified of any known threats, which are tracked by our ticket management system.

Protect Devices

Whether you’re connected to the internet or not, your endpoints are protected. This includes the latest mobile devices and server environments.

Real Protect

Real Protect is a signature-less method to determine if a file is malicious by comparing its characteristics to known malware behaviours.

Identify Threats

Real-time communication between endpoints facilitates event capture and sharing with context to identify emerging threats and attack events.

Protect your IT assets

More than 400 companies of all sizes trust us to deploy and manage IT security solutions. Let us help you achieve your business goals and protect your data.