A Trusted IT Service Provider Supporting Your Business

Our managed IT services are established according to your unique business needs and provides your organization in Toronto with complete peace of mind as a team of IT specialists make sure complete monitoring and management of your IT assets. Utilizing managed IT services means you can focus on your business growth while we make sure your IT investments are maximized.

Do More

Make your team and your business more productive as a team of IT professionals are looking after your network and your devices while providing live remote support.

Focus on Your Business

Focus your time and energy on activities and tasks that helps your business to grow with complete peace of mind while we take care of the back-end IT work for you.

Maximize Your IT Investments

With our managed IT services in Toronto, your IT assets will always be monitored and maintained according to the best practices in the industry, maximizing their value for your business. Plus, our team of experts will help you understand and plan your IT expenditures according to your unique business needs.

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The M4 Managed IT Services Approach

Our M4 approach is based on the industry's best practices and our expertise managing thousands of devices and assets for our Clients. It ensures the same high-quality services for businesses of all sizes.


We monitor your IT assets in real-time 24/7 with strategic alerts, ensuring you always have someone looking over your IT investments and making sure they are always available for your business.


Our team for managed IT services is constantly available for remote support and makes sure all your devices are correctly maintained, including all patches and updates.


We manage everything proactively to ensure performance, standards and security of your IT assets, providing you and your business with complete peace of mind.


Our team maximizes the performance and the return on investment of your IT assets by deploying the industry's best practices and standards.

Our Managed IT Services Include

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Get complete peace of mind as our expert IT managed services providers in Toronto always looking over your IT assets, preventing problems from happening reducing potential down-time.

Security Management

From your workstations to your infrastructure, rest assured your data is protected as we deploy and manage security software and hardware for you.

End-user support

Increase your team's productivity as a team of IT experts is always available to support them with an IT issue they might be facing while working.

Network Management

Maximize performance and availability of your network as we constantly monitor it and optimize it to ensure it responds to your business needs.

Complete Reporting

Stay in the know of what's going on with complete documentation and reporting of your IT assets, from patches to call resolution.

Consulting Services

Benefit from business reviews, IT alignment, and strategic planning with our tailored IT consulting services, based on your unique business needs.

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We offer end-to-end IT and security solutions to businesses of all sizes across Canada from our Mississauga and St. Catharines offices. Our clients leverage our expertise to drive better business results, secure their businesses and stay competitive.