MicroAge offers innovative, reliable, flexible and cost-effective solutions that are entirely tailored to simplify and update your computing environment. Known for its experienced and dedicated human resources, MicroAge offers customized solutions designed to help you achieve your goals and improve your business performance.

Business Continuity

What would be the consequences of a power failure, an interruption or a slowdown in your computing environment? Are you aware of the inherent risks and weaknesses within your IT environment? Business Continuity and compliance have become a concern that requires special attention from business managers. Increasingly, a company’s success depends on the availability of computing systems. Are you ready? MicroAge can help.

  • Remote monitoring and maintenance of critical systems: protect yourself against accidental data loss caused by hardware failure, storage media, viruses, or even human error. Develop a safe backup strategy based on remote hosting that protects data integrity and information confidentiality.
  • Recovery and recycling: electronic waste is subject to binding government regulation regarding environmental protection. Companies also have the responsibility to ensure the protection of information on these devices. In partnership with a leader in this field, MicroAge offers green and safe recycling solutions that comply with laws and regulations: disconnection, transport, issuance of certificate of destruction, and data destruction service by pulverizing.
  • Asset management, network audit and documentation and software and license compliance services: MicroAge’s acquisition method simplifies and centralizes the management of licenses and renewals offered by various manufacturers. Our experts can help companies become more efficient, maintain compliance and realize savings from active programs.
  • Remote data back-up and recovery solutions, recovery/backup site: it is imperative that a company determine the maximum acceptable time that can elapse before the resumption of production following a failure. Depending on their level of dependence on IT services, some companies must have a backup plan to ensure they can continue to operate normally when a failure occurs. In partnership with a leader in this field, MicroAge offers, in world-class data centers, spaces that are adaptable, safe, redundant and accessible.

Printing and Imaging

How will you communicate your message? MicroAge will work with you to develop a plan that is specific to your printing and imaging environment. A tailored strategy will help you meet the needs of your company more effectively and maximize your return on investment.

  • Print management solutions: MicroAge helps customers of all sizes consolidate, manage and optimize their printing environment. Our solutions help you streamline your printing environment, increase equipment availability, protect the privacy of data and documents, improve environmental performance, simplify budget management, and reduce operating costs.
  • Printing costs as a utility model: pay according to usage (monthly fee per device or cost per page). This contractual procurement model offers equipment, consumables, and management and maintenance of services.
  • Shop online for your supplies: MicroAge offers a secure and personalized portal that encourages daily interaction with customers. Order supplies at your convenience, with negotiated prices, and take advantage of consolidated billing and centralized order management.
  • Interactive smart board: essential tool to encourage the use of Information and Communication Technology in a presentation or training setting. The interactive whiteboard with instant response system provides the freedom of writing and movement essential to any educational or group activity.
  • Digital display/signage: a network of screens or billboards, personalized with dynamic content that can be managed remotely. Our solutions enable you to deliver multimedia content and send messages or targeted advertising.

Network Infrastructure

Corporate Information Technology departments face a dilemma. They must drive organizational change while at the same time reducing risks and monitoring costs. Companies must ensure they have the ability to share and distribute data quickly and accurately. MicroAge’s infrastructure solutions promote high performance connectivity and ensure reliable expansion to help you manage new programs and projects.

  • Switches and routers: the network is at the heart of corporate communications. These devices connect several computers and peripherals to form the foundation of your information and telecommunications network.
  • Wireless network: is as an alternative to wired networks or can be integrated as an extension to an existing wired network. The wireless network provides mobility with access that is just as reliable, fast and secure in your coverage areas.
  • Telephony and teleconferencing: the development of a network infrastructure that supports voice, data and video helps significantly to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase efficiency.
  • Consolidation and virtualization of servers: this is to provide a dynamic infrastructure that is more manageable and more consistent with business needs. The concept is simple: reduce the number of physical units and create a virtual environment, optimized and redundant. MicroAge’s approach will allow you to achieve savings in equipment costs, maintenance, operational support, and overhead costs per square meter (space, electricity).
  • Storage infrastructure: as demand for storage increases, it is important to reassess both strategy and infrastructure capabilities. The traditional approach results in dispersed elements that are difficult to manage, inefficient and subject to low utilization rates. Consolidate and standardize your dissimilar DAS, NAS and SAN environments through a unified infrastructure. Save money, optimize utilization and improve the efficiency of your computer network.
  • Physical infrastructure of the information processing center: specialized solutions for the construction and development of facilities to better utilize the information processing center: racks and cabinets, uninterruptible power supply, cooling and electrical systems, structured wiring, access and fire security.

Information Security

Our information security solutions help businesses reduce risks, protect critical assets, promote compliance to standards, and ensure their viability. MicroAge offers a variety of solutions that provide increased visibility and control.

  • Antivirus software: this protection is the first line of defense on workstations and servers. Antivirus software blocks and removes spyware, spam and other malicious software.
  • Firewall: allows the selective passage of information between internal and public networks, thus blocking unauthorized access to the internal network and ensuring secure communications.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN): provides a permanent link with secure remote access. An affordable solution to connect different sites and roaming users to a corporate network.
  • Unified Threat Management: parametric protection offering a unified approach against threats, including: firewall, IPSec VPN, antivirus, content filtering, antispam and antispyware. All these functions are grouped into a single unit.