Procurement and Logistics

Integration, Configuration and Logistics Services

Organizations are often overwhelmed by the challenges of managing their IT assets.

MicroAge Kingston’s asset management solutions provide a set of processes that updates a centralized IT asset repository whenever one of its processes (procurement, leasing, upgrades, IMACs, repairs, etc.) is initiated.

As a result, IT managers and business operators benefit because they can manage their inventory proactively and optimize the return on their IT investments.

Your focus is your business. We've got your IT covered.

MicroAge Kingston offers a complete menu of services and supports any IT requirement a customer might have. As your IT partner, MicroAge Kingston’s full range of Integration, Configuration and Logistics Services ensures optimized use of your IT equipment throughout its life cycle.

MicroAge Kingston’s versatility provides single-source access for an organization’s IT products, services, and solutions requirements. Their extensive IT knowledge can help you anticipate and avoid crucial IT challenges and pitfalls.

Benefits of MicroAge Kingston's Integration, Configuration and Logistics Services

  • Minimizes total cost of ownership throughout each IT asset’s life cycle
  • Enables IT managers to have real-time status of their asset inventory
  • Provides automated notification and escalation
  • Provides a complete audit trail for all IT equipment
  • Reduces complexity and administration
  • Provides predictable costs for enhanced budgeting and forecasting
  • Improves internal asset tracking
  • Enables business reporting and analysis

What We Offer:

  • Imaging—Software/Network Operating Systems
  • Standardized customer software image loads
  • Image creation, deployment, and management
  • Asset refurbishing for redeployment
  • Hardware/Software Configuration
  • Set-up/pre-delivery QA
  • Multi-vendor integration
  • Asset Management
  • Asset tagging, custom packing, labeling

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