Infrastructure solutions

The right IT infrastructure solutions to help your business runs smoothly, efficietly and securely

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What are infrastructure solutions?

The IT infrastructure is the foundation of your business operations. Whether you are running applications locally or in the cloud, your business needs a proper IT infrastructure to support the technology it requires to function properly. From network components to security or data management and storage appliances, having the right IT infrastructure will enable your business to improve its productivity and efficiency.

Our objective as IT experts is to assess your business needs in order to design and deploy the right IT infrastructure solutions that will help you reach your business objectives, no matter the size of your organization.

What can infrastructure solutions do for your business?

  • Are you experiencing downtime due to system failures?
  • Is the productivity of your people a concern? Are they unable to access the tools they need to work efficiently?
  • Do you know where, when and how your data is stored?
  • Can you recover your data? Is it secure?
  • Are you maximizing your It investments?


Your IT infrastructure is the nerve center of your business. It needs to be solid in order to build an IT system that can help you achieve the business results you are looking for. If you are unsure on how to answer any of the above questions, a deeper look at your IT infrastructure may be required.

How can MicroAge help?

The MicroAge locations across Canada can provide the knowledge and expertise required to provide the leading infrastructure solutions and services that can help your business reach its business objectives; we can help you with :

  • Assessing and defining the right solutions for your business needs
  • Planning, designing and deploying the right appliances, solutions and services
  • Monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure for you
  • Providing your business with the right tools to make technology work for you