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As technological advances continue to drive improvements in network performance, security and reliability, wireless local and wide area networks are becoming increasingly popular among organizations of all sizes. Wireless networks provide the obvious advantage of not being limited to a physical network connection. Employees can move freely anywhere within their office facilities, or log on to the network to communicate and collaborate from virtually anywhere in the world, using their notebook or a personal digital assistant. Wireless networks can also offer greater flexibility and lower deployment and management costs compared to wired networks, and they are easier to expand as your business grows.

MicroAge can help you plan, design and implement a wireless network to suit your business's needs and offers complete network management and technical support services.


  • A single-source wireless network solution: hardware, software, solution design, consulting, installation and implementation, network management, maintenance and support services as required.


  • Increases employee productivity and flexibility: mobile workers can remain connected to your network any time, anywhere;
  • Reduces cost of deployment and scalability;
  • Extends network connectivity to locations and regions not easily serviced by a wired network.