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Unlike a conventional wide area network (WAN), a virtual private network (VPN) connects two or more locations using public network infrastructure - the Internet - rather than a private network. Firewalls and other security solutions ensure that access to your VPN is limited to authorized users. A VPN offers several advantages over a conventional WAN, including greatly expanded geographical reach, reduced infrastructure and deployment costs, and simplified network topology for easier implementation and expansion.

MicroAge can help you plan, design and implement a VPN to suit your business's needs and offers complete network management and technical support services.


  • A single-source VPN solution: hardware, software, solution design, consulting, installation and implementation, network management, maintenance and support services as required.


  • Extends your network's geographic connectivity via the Internet;
  • Provides a cost-effective global networking solution;
  • Reduces operational costs compared to conventional wide area networks;
  • Provides enhanced security through encryption and other data protection technologies;
  • Simplifies network deployment and expandability.