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Virtualization solutions use advanced software to create multiple "virtual" machines on the same physical machine, each with its own operating system and its own virtual hardware. Instead of having to buy, configure and manage 10 or 20 separate servers, organizations can use a single larger and more powerful server and deploy a virtualization solution to perform the same workload - with significantly lower costs and operational demands.


  • A single-source virtualization solution: hardware, software, solution design, consulting and implementation/integration services.


  • Partitioning: Servers can be consolidated into multiple virtual machines; numerous applications and operating systems can be supported on one server for significant cost savings and simplified operation and management;
  • Isolation: If a virtual machine fails, all others on the same physical machine are unaffected, ensuring data availability and system reliability;
  • Encapsulation: Complete virtual systems (including operating systems and applications) can be saved as a single file, making them easy to back up, move or copy;
  • Reduces total cost of ownership;
  • Increases efficiencies and responsiveness through centralized, simplified management and maintenance.