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Rollout/transition management
Technology upgrades
LAN/WAN solutions
Wireless network solutions
Virtual private networks
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- Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Server
- Windows Active Directory
- Microsoft Systems Management Server
- Exchange 2000/2003 Server
- Windows 2003 Storage Server/NAS/DAS/SAN Devices

File, print, web, storage, database and application servers must function on a daily basis to provide critical information and functionality to end-users. Whether you are only upgrading your applications or also replacing your servers, technology migrations must be well-planned and executed in order to minimize disruption of service. The first step in preparing to migrate applications and data from your existing servers to a new or upgraded technology is to develop a readiness evaluation of your current server environment. This is followed by a planning and testing phase. Based on your business requirements and the overall design plan, the migration itself could include the upgrade of servers together with the option of choosing domain consolidation, terminal services/remote administration, and data/user clean-up. Finally, every successful migration also includes post-migration services to launch the new technology. Our technical support team will devise a server backup and redundancy/failover solution to meet your specific needs.


  • Documentation describing and itemizing the server migration plan;
  • Applications and data are migrated to the new server(s);
  • Next-generation servers will be integrated into the client's environment.


  • Ensures minimal application downtime when business-critical servers are implemented;
  • Improves performance with next-generation servers.