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With the increasing reliance on the network both internally and externally, network security is a key factor in protecting your IT infrastructure and the business-critical information and applications it contains. Equally important is ensuring that your employees can communicate and collaborate over the network safely and securely. MicroAge's security assessment solution provides a comprehensive audit of your network infrastructure and systems covering all key aspects of your security: connectivity and communication requirements, operating system configurations, user profiles, email server configuration and spamming controls, remote and wireless access configuration, Internet connection and firewall platform configurations, virus and spyware configuration, backup procedures, disaster recovery plans, and more.


  • A description of your existing security profile;
  • A detailed report that identifies specific current and potential security problems, and recommends actions for improving security and reducing vulnerabilities.


  • Identifies current and potential security risks, gaps and vulnerabilities;
  • Provides detailed, proactive recommendations for minimizing and mitigating security risks;
  • Assists in developing a long-term security plan based on your specific business needs.