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Rollout and transition management

Rollout and transition management services accelerate the deployment of a large number of workstations across an organization's head office and/or remote locations. This service encompasses all activities at the customer's location up to the time when the equipment is ready to be tested and integrated into the networking environment. Major activities in this phase include: movement of the workstation to end-user workspaces; migration of end-user profiles and data to temporary network storage; set-up of new equipment; migration of end-user profiles and data onto the new workstation; and removal of old workstations and packing materials. The ability to execute this phase of the rollout process rapidly and without error is essential to overall project success and end-user satisfaction.


  • Documentation outlining all the steps that end-users must follow to ensure that their settings and data will be successfully moved to the new workstation;
  • Documented project plan outlining when end-users should expect their workstation to be upgraded;
  • Physical movement of new equipment from secure storage at the customer's facilities to the end-user's workspace - delivered just-in-time for the upgrade;
  • Migration of end-user settings and data to temporary network storage;
  • Set-up of new workstation and migration of end-user settings and data from temporary storage;
  • Testing of new customer working environment against established acceptance criteria;
  • Removal of old workstation and packing material to secure storage for retirement and disposal.


  • Ensures that IT equipment is deployed on a priority basis to employees with the highest needs;
  • Increases employee productivity by reducing confusion in the workplace;
  • Ensures all end-user data are migrated from existing workstations to replacement equipment without loss of data;
  • Increases ROI from IT investments;
  • Accelerates implementation time.