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Asset disposal and recycling services

The responsible disposal of obsolete and non-functioning IT equipment is an increasingly costly and potentially hazardous environmental priority for organizations of all sizes. MicroAge offers a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly technological waste management program that enables customers to extract the maximum practical benefits from their IT assets, while generating minimal e-waste through strategies which reflect the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).

The management and recycling of technological waste is a complex process, mainly due to the variety of components involved. To ensure the correct processing of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), MicroAge has established strategic partnerships with industry leaders to manage the disassembly and sorting of technological equipment, as well as the downstream processing of certain components when appropriate. MicroAge’s objective is to raise awareness about the environmental impacts and benefits of safe, proper and ecological disposal of e-waste. Among other things, we can issue certificates of destruction and an on-site media sanitization process that is secure and documented in order to ensure adequate protection of your organization’s data and information.

Value-Added Services

Issue Certificates of Destruction.
Level 1: Independent certificate issued by partner in cooperation with law firm witnessing destruction
Level 2: Certificate issued by partner and client employee can witness destruction
Certified Destruction Service by Pulverizing, providing complete, certified physical destruction of:
Hard Drive / Back-up tapes / Reel-to-reel tapes / Magnetic tapes / Discs / Cells phones & PDA’s / Micro films / Memory chips & sticks / Any other components
De-installation and Removal service for any kind of equipment:
Certified disconnection / Total dismantling
Complete removal and clean up
Recycling of all metals and plastics
Disposal of obsolete and surplus equipment
On-site media sanitization process that is secure and documented which ensures adequate protection of your organization's information: Clear, Purge and Destroy