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Why MicroAge?

The MicroAge Network offers several unique advantages to small, medium and large organizations in the private and public sectors, including the local expertise of our people, our experience in diverse markets and industries, our breadth of infrastructure and resources, our financial stability, and an unrelenting commitment to customer service excellence.

Industry-leading product selection

To ensure our customers get the best value and latest innovations, MicroAge is strategically aligned with, and professionally accredited by, today's leading global hardware and software vendors.

Procurement planning and consulting

Our IT planning and advisory specialists will help link your IT strategy to key operational objectives and priorities.

Flexible terms

We offer several flexible procurement options, including leasing, e-purchasing, and volume software procurement programs.

Logistical support

We can fully coordinate all your hardware and software needs - from warehousing, logistics and distribution to software licensing, integration and IMAC (Installations, Moves, Adds and Changes).


Through regularly scheduled courses or a custom-designed program tailored to your unique requirements, we provide hands-on training programs, including technical certifications, software training and skills upgrades.

Technical support

We offer a full suite of hardware and software maintenance and support plans and extended warranty programs to ensure that your systems will perform reliably throughout their operational life.


We can custom-design a service solutions program to free up your valuable IT resources and optimize your IT infrastructure's performance through every stage of its life cycle.