Our History

MicroAge Chilliwack, formerly Spenst Technologies, is a proud member of the MicroAge network and the operator of the brand in the Fraser Valley region. We have been providing local businesses with affordable solutions and exceptional support since 2013. In doing so we have enabled these businesses to achieve a higher degree of productivity through the effective use of properly implemented technology.

Our Vision

Our goal from the start has been to provide a cost effective and holistic IT service to businesses where dedicated internal IT staffing was an unviable option. Many of our clients found that their IT needs were either too small to justify a full-time employee, or, they were too much for their existing in-house person to handle alone. Whether we are supplementing your existing staff or handling the IT processes entirely, out vision is one where we help you achieve your organizational objectives as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

Our Processes

Every business has plans: Financial plans, strategic plans, operational plans, growth plans, the list goes on. When we get to know a new client, we take all of your existing plans and do a deep dive into everything that drives your business. Critical systems, existing pain points, seasonal fluctuations, everything and anything we could help with. We take that knowledge and combine it with our understanding of industry standards and emerging technologies in order to design and implement the best solutions that get you what you need.

Our Alternatives

Most of our competitors lead with tone-deaf sales pitches that sound like “you need X, and here’s why.” They do this in order to justify unnecessarily expensive systems. Does a bakery really need a six-thousand-dollar router, or does a meat factory need hourly backups of their break-room computer? Of course not, that’s why we start with the why and build a plan accordingly. As far as we’re concerned, there’s no alternative to quality.

Our People

Microage Chilliwack is one of the 35+ branches of MicroAge across Canada, as a whole we employ well over 350 certified technicians. If you’re in the Fraser Valley we’re glad to help ourselves, and if you’re outside of that region and remote support isn’t an option we have technicians spread from the Pacific to the Atlantic. It doesn’t matter if you’re hauling up halibut in Campbell River BC, seeing the sites in St.Johns Newfoundland, or are anywhere in between, if you’re there we are too.