A recent article in Fortune Magazine outlines that over 90% of cybersecurity professionals surveyed are concerned that hackers will use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to aid in cyberattacks. It is believed that even with no understanding of A.I. techniques, cybercriminals can use AI supported attacks to learn to imitate writing styles and create more effective phishing attacks causing a full on war algorithms. 

We are in an era of machine war. 

The threat from AI is growing and while it is mostly used to send phishing emails, it helps hackers learn about their targets. This allows cybercriminals to develop algorithms that help to determine the types of mails messages a person is most likely to open. By studying a person’s preference on which emails they will and will not open, hackers can create highly targeted, personalized attacks.  

AI will do the ‘grunt’ work for a hacker. It will learn and adapt with algorithms until it can gain access or entice someone to open an email.  

An example of this is when an MSP observed an attack that tried for well over a month to gain access unsuccessfully but that didn’t stop them from coming. The methods in which the hacker was attempting to gain access adapted and changed. The first email was sent to everyone in a particular organization. The second attacked targeted a specific group that had visited certain webpages. The next attempt sent links to fake websites, mimicking that particular website. The tools that are being used to learn these algorithms are powered by AI using social engineering.  

How can a business overcome this potential threat? 

Do not cut concerns on your cybersecurity measures. Time is money and many organizations will not double check to see if specific security measures are in place. Not using a layered approach to cybersecurity is another danger. A layered approach is the best defense a company can take.  

Work with an MSP that offers professionalism and due diligence. Look for an MSP that is a business partner willing to follow best practices and create unique solutions tailored to your business needs. Cybercriminals are and willing continue to use AI to try and infiltrate using algorithms to learn. These hackers are not going anywhere and the best defense isa great offense.  


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