Technology is essential for productivity, collaboration, and streamlining operations. Large corporations have been ahead in this game because they had the resources necessary to make an impact. Managed Service Providers (MSP) enable small and midsized businesses (SMB) to successfully and budget wise benefit as well.

What are the top reasons that SMBs have waited this long?

The top three challenges that have held SMBs back from this arena are

    1. the difficulty they presume it will take to integrate new technology with their old IT infrastructure
    2. the resources to properly invest
    3. decision-makers that have been slow to set IT goals because of lack of knowledge

So what is different for these businesses now that they are ready to take the leap?

Solutions that were once unavailable to smaller businesses due to cost are now becoming accessible. Software such as Microsoft 365 Business is a solution that many SMBs are currently using for collaboration and it is available at an affordable price. Customers and suppliers are starting to expect that companies are using technology in ways that will protect their data and reduce the overall cost of productivity.

How are SMBs planning on implementing technology in their businesses?

SMBs understand that change is needed to keep up in our digital world. Investing in new solutions to old problems is one way they will stay competitive and in tune with the needs of their client base but budget restraints will have to be carefully considered in order for this to happen.

Many businesses require the essential information and planning structure that an MSP offers.

MicroAge understands the struggles companies go through when setting priorities and planning for future growth. We know that budgets are tight but also that technology solutions will help companies achieve their goals. Solutions are available for all sizes of organizations to get in on the digital revolution.



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