Aside from being a trusted adviser to companies of all sizes, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be an invaluable asset for other reasons as well. An MSP all too often knows that when it comes to cutting costs on your IT budget, often times it’s the technology side of the budget that is where the slicing happens. What many businesses don’t understand is that when you cut back on these services, it could end up costing far more down the road.

IT costs are the one area that can actually save you money in the long run. When looking at your budget in terms of dollars and cents, often a company will not look at the cost of productivity losses, unscheduled maintenance fees, and possible implications to a business’s reputation. An MSP offers solutions to help your organization stay ahead of issues in a proactive way rather than trying to fix the problems in a reactive method.

Maintenance and Monitoring
These two solutions together account for a significant portion of your productivity. They are the proactive solutions that can reduce downtime. When an employee’s computer station is down for even a couple of hours, that is a loss of productivity for your company. Being down for longer than a couple of hours could have a significant impact on the day. When calculating this number, keep in mind it is not just their hourly wage you need to consider. It is also about making a customer wait or having them go elsewhere if this is a continuous problem.

Maintenance and monitoring will also stay on top of vulnerabilities that may go unnoticed to the average employee. Updates and patches need to be kept up to date in order to ward off cyber attacks. Outdated computer systems are more susceptible to attacks than ones that are updated and patched on a regular basis and the time needed to ensure a healthy infrastructure can be costly.

Predictable Spending
Working with an MSP offers reoccurring predictable monthly billing rather than not knowing what will need to be spent or when it will need to be spent. Most MSPs provide different packages for different levels of service. If a business has never worked with an MSP, starting off with an entry level package may be the best option to get a feel for this type of service. Determining the level of service you’d like to engage with from an MSP will allow you to see the advantages of the solutions they offer.

Think of it Like Insurance
It is not a matter of if something will happen to an organization’s IT but rather a matter of when. Many experts believe that the occurrence of cyber attacks will continue to rise. 2017 saw some cybersecurity issues that could ruin a business. Do not let your business be a casualty in this. Protecting your data is critical to your success and being proactive is the best way to ensure it will stay safe. You deserve peace of mind knowing that your business has a layered approach when it comes to safeguarding your business data.

Working with an MSP, that is entrenched in the technology industry offers this comfort. They live and breath this information much like you understand the ins and outs of your offerings to your customers or clients. With skillful advice on the best solutions, an MSP is there to educate you on what is best for your business by sharing honestly and with integrity.

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