Businesses today need an IT department that can ensure their network and systems management assets are delivery IT services that not only help to achieve business goals but also to reach these goals in a cost effective manner.

Your business IT requirements are as unique as the business next door to you, and the solution to your demands should be just as exclusive. Whether you require remote network monitoring, IT management, control, end-point security and reporting, sophisticated software technologies, trained professional technicians and a vendor-authorized service provider or any combination of the mentioned, MicroAge can answer your call.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), MicroAge prides itself on the ability to answer the four top IT management challenges that most businesses are affected by. We refer to this as the 4M Managed Services Solution

Monitoring all your IT systems to ensure they are running at full performance. Whether that be your server, network hardware or the health care of your overall IT toolset, an MSP offers flexible options that are best suited to your requirements.
Management of software ranging from Anti-virus/Malware to Cloud Backup. An MSP offers you the support you need with ease and convenience. Our managed antivirus alerts us to possible malicious attacks on the protected system; our help desk makes a determination on how severe the issue may be, and we follow up depending on the severity of the situation.
Maintaining not only those crucial software applications but performing system audits, revisions to your network firmware and server and desktop patching as needed. Our technicians have a wealth of knowledge on most makes and models of computer systems, printers, servers, workstations, laptops and mobile devices.
Maximize your IT investment! An MSP becomes a partner in your business and celebrates when you succeed. We provide the help you depend on when making IT decisions. You can rely on us to provide the knowledge you need on everything from consulting, research and project management of IT related issues.

By providing these managed services for your business, we allow you to worry about the important things; conducting business. Reduction of IT costs while increasing productivity is how an MSP delivers a comprehensive solution to the top four issues most businesses face. MSPs want to provide the guidance and knowledge of IT infrastructures to move your business forward in today’s competitive world.