A well designed managed print service will help a business meet their goals and also streamline efficiency. Printing can contribute to an already overburdened budget, but it doesn’t have to. MicroAge can help with the challenges that many organizations are facing today.

MicroAge provides a strategic approach to managing your company’s print services. Working together with you, we will assess the strengths and weaknesses in your current system and tailor a solution for your business needs. Each company has different requirements and the value your company will gain depends on the individual needs of your business but some key benefits to using a managed print service include:

• Potential cost savings of up to 30% on printers, supplies, and print-per-page costs.
• Potential reduction of hardware.
• Service and support for all your print devices and components, for maximum uptime.
• Control and accountability of print volumes.
• Increased security for your print documents.
• Automatic print-supply deliveries.
• Reduced paper usage, lower electrical consumption and recycling toner cartridges.
• Flexible bundling options.

While most companies are not aware of the true cost of managing their printing environment, MicroAge will analyse your current printing environment and can design a Managed Print Service solution tailored to your specific business goals.