Threats to our environment are both inside and outside our organizations and as we continue to embrace the “digital” age with all the advantages that it brings, we need to be acutely aware of the threats that this can introduce to our business infrastructure. Cybercrime is evolving at an alarming rate, and while the Internet has improved our ability to communicate more efficiently, businesses are increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. We no longer work in an environment where you can put security practices in place and just leave it, rather, we need to re-evaluate our business security regularly and ensure that we are keeping our staff educated of the growing threats.

No company is too small or insignificant to avoid cyber-attacks, and the results of these invasions can be devastating. MicroAge offers not only comprehensive cyber-security solutions that assist you in ensuring that the necessary pieces are in place to secure the environment, but that your environment is monitored and adjusted as new threats are released. With the latest, and most sophisticated technology available, MicroAge will assess your company’s vulnerabilities and specific needs to offer the best choices available.

MicroAge not only has the products to defend your network systems, we go a step above by ensuring your employees are knowledgeable about cybercrime.

Prevention is only the first step to safeguarding your important data. MicroAge approaches network security and monitoring in a tiered approach using best practices that assist in preventing an attack. However, with the ever increasing sophistication of the attacks, MicroAge is available for immediate action should an intrusion be detected.

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