Different businesses have different needs when it comes to technology concerns. One company may have an entire team dedicated to IT management and another may only have one “go to guy.” There are small businesses that believe they can’t afford quality IT services, that they will lose control of their IT operations or there is a worry about down time during the changeover if they choose to partner with a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

MicroAge understands these concerns and works with you through each step of the process to ensure that you gain the power of reliable IT services while enjoying the cost savings that can be of benefit by working with an MSP.

Here are just a few of the benefits your company will receive in partnering with MicroAge.

Project Management: MicroAge’s project management team provides the support you require to successfully manage your IT projects from concept to completion. Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined to ensure project plans and milestones are achieved on-time and on-budget. Aftercare includes a client survey that is completed to ensure customer satisfaction and to drive continuous improvement.
Infrastructure: MicroAge will optimize the infrastructure around your company’s server, storage, power, and cooling needs. Taking the time to define your business goals allows us to work through the IT wants and needs for your success.
Network Design: MicroAge has the knowledge and experience to build a network such as Wide Area Networks (WAN) or Local Area Networks (LAN). We can make these available either wired or wireless.
Strategic Capital Planning: In today’s world of cyber security, MicroAge knows the importance of protecting your business data, and we design secure solutions and policies that fit your business needs.

Microage provides the IT knowledge your company needs at a cost that you can afford. By working together with MicroAge not only will immediate concerns be addressed but also future needs. We offer our best so that you can offer yours.