Cybercrime is rising and targeting businesses of all sizes.

Your data is valuable and protecting it important. 

The news is full of articles of businesses being hit with cybercrime but only the big heists make headlines. It costs companies millions of dollars per year and some small business never recover from an attack. Knowing how you can best protect your data is of utmost importance. 

The ones after your data are constantly updating threats and looking at new ways to get what they want. The primary methods  used by hackers to infect a machine are: phishing emails, unpatched programs, compromised websites, poisoned online advertising and free software downloads.

Cybercrime is big business and attackers are getting smarter and the threats grow in sophistication every day. The Internet is like the wild west and you need to protect yourself and your company’s assets. 

MicroAge IT Solutions can help you first identify and work toward solving these problems.

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