Network Security

A layered approach is most effective in addressing this issue.

Most businesses understand how crucial a cybersecurity culture is.  No different than the locks, alarms, and other devices used to keep threats out of a physical location, it is equally necessary to keep them out of business data. When the last employee leaves for the day, an alarm set before the door is tightly closed and locked.


Are the same security measures being done for your business data?

Next-Generation Cybersecurity Protection


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MicroAge Wants Your Business to Succeed

It is not only about ensuring that your data is protected but also about educating your employees in what an attempted attack looks like as well as making sure that your information is backed up should a disaster occur. A layered approach must also include monitoring the IT infrastructure around the clock to address an issue before it becomes a disaster.

Network security measures that work together, bring peace of mind.

MicroAge IT Solutions partners with you to create a plan that is right for you, no matter the size of your business. We understand the importance of remaining vigilant against ransomware and other cyber-threats. By assessing your current IT environment, MicroAge will then be able to offer you the options that will best protect your business at a price that you can afford.  

The best method to create a secure network is establishing a layered approach.


Any single line of defense could be flawed, but by layering the methods you use to protect your company data will allow for any gaps to be covered. The following should be included in your plan:

            • Obtain and maintain a Business Class firewall. 
            • Implement a Business Class AntiVirus 
            • Apply an AntiSpam Filter 
            • Educate Your Employees 
            • Ensure Backup Solutions 
            • Monitoring, Alerting, and Emergency Response 

MicroAge is a business technology partner offering solutions to increase your company's efficiency and competitiveness by providing reliable, efficient, and secure IT for today’s business technology needs.

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