There are two types of thought processes that small business has about Information Technology. There are the businesses that think their computer system and network is just an extra expense to them. Then there are those organizations that realize their IT network and computer systems are an important business tool that keeps a business running smoothly and productively.

The small businesses that believe their technology is an asset are the businesses that are growth drivers in today’s market. The IT industry has changed a lot in the last 25 years that I have been CEO of MicroAge Edmonton and Red Deer. In the beginning we were involved with repairing Windows 95 or DOS based applications and our main function was to repair programs and keep the hardware running. Our competition in those days were the neighbor’s kid that was really good with computers and just wanted to work on computers for experience and because it was fun.

Those days are long gone and I am proud to say that MicroAge has grown with the times. Organizations need to be more innovative and the best ones understand that technology is needed to provide continued growth and remain competitive in today’s ever evolving marketplace.

The services that MicroAge provides today are complex and solution based. Our team is now solely responsible for ensuring the networks are in top working condition for many of our customers. Businesses expect Service Agreement Levels (SLA’s) that ensure a response to their concerns are based upon their business requirements and more importantly, the time to resolution is within these guidelines so that their staff can do their jobs and remain productive.

With our Managed Services Agreements, we have a team of professionals responding to various company technology needs, which can often equate to faster resolution of issues than an internal staff member may be able to provide. Our technicians are trained professionals that have seen and worked on technology that most small business’s internal staff would not see working for one company. This results in our time for reviewing a service call within regular business hours to be less than 15 minutes on average and our time to resolution such concerns to be lower than two hours.

The future of IT will continue to revolutionize the way that companies conduct their business and MicroAge will continue to grow with that technology. Your business deserves the expertise and knowledge that a managed service provider can offer. MicroAge is constantly striving to improve our services. We continually get better at what we do and provide that knowledge to our customers at fair market value so that you can continue to grow your business.

Jim Drummond

CEO, MicroAge Red Deer & Edmonton