Your company needs reliable, efficient, and secure information technology to compete and succeed in today’s economy and MicroAge makes IT work. 

MicroAge  offers the following Make IT Work solutions that will relieve your IT concerns:

  1. MicroAge handles everything IT. Our professionals have the experience and certified credentials to provide the specialized Information Technology services your company deserves. With ever–evolving and more complex technologies emerging daily, MicroAge handles that stress for you.
  2. MicroAge stays ahead of technology downtime. A peak-performing infrastructure demands specialized skills and without them, downtime and interruptions occur which costs you productivity, time and money. MicroAge can monitor your IT system remotely, and stay ahead of downtime and problems.
  3. MicroAge keeps you on budget and provides the assurance of knowing that you’ll always pay a fixed, predictable fee each month.
  4. MicroAge protects your confidential data. In today’s world of cyber crime, viruses, and extreme weather, MicroAge provides the assurance that your data is securely housed off-site in a monitored high-security center that is accessible 24/7. MicroAge also offers a Managed Antivirus solution that monitors your environment ensuring definition files are updated, and potential threats to your environment are controlled.
  5. MicroAge provides the IT Support when and where you need it. We monitor your system, identify and resolve issues before they can impact your business operations.
  6. MicroAge provides Incident & Issue Tracking that streamlines support. We respond to all events that may cause an interruption to your normal operations.
  7. MicroAge’s professionals will procure, install, and monitor all required hardware from the best-known vendors, and provide ongoing support and management. You benefit from reliable, cost-effective, enterprise-grade equipment that supports your business efforts.
  8. MicroAge offers both Onsite and Cloud based solutions to best meet your business requirements.

We would be happy to tell you more about our Make IT Work Support and how it can work for your company.

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