MicroAge IT Solutions offers our M4 Managed Services platform bringing your business all the IT resources to suit your needs. In order for your business to function efficiently, you require a network and system management program that is proactive, yet cost-effective. By partnering with MicroAge, we become your IT department and can address all your IT concerns such as network monitoring, management, cyber security, reporting and more.

With our team of professionally trained technicians, our managed services delivers a comprehensive solution to address issues such as

  • Unpredictable IT outages
  • Untimely network failures
  • Security fears
  • Loss of critical business data
  • Regulatory and audit compliance issues

MicroAge’s M4 Managed Services allows you to overcome the top IT challenges and is the answer that your company needs with the following available packages.

This package suits the needs of most small businesses that are looking to get started with an MSP. As an extension of your IT department, MicroAge will enhance your internal support but still allow you to maintain control over your network system. By using this service, our technicians can help to resolve issues before they affect your business while improving productivity for your employees and because we are just a click away, we are there when you need us.


This option fits into businesses that want guidance on how to manage their existing IT infrastructure. Your business needs the right network management toolset for the quickest and most cost efficient method of managing your network. MicroAge can reduce costs and increase productivity through automation with monitoring your system for consistency. With our remote network monitoring, remote management, remote support and end-point security, you can rest assured that our technicians have you covered.


Providing all the benefits of having an IT guy on staff without the expense is what this package can offer your business. MicroAge brings you all the IT support and management that you would expect from an internal tech department at a fraction of the cost. For a fixed monthly price, we will minimize IT downtime and ensure your entire network is protected. Security, networking, data protection and user support are included in this package to make sure that you spend less time worrying about your IT and more time running your business.


This complete package is offered as a partnership between your company and MicroAge IT Solutions. We provide all of the services and expertise that you require for total peace of mind. Our Maximize Package brings you all the coverage you deserve without the cost of employing an entire IT department. Productivity is increased when you allow us to monitor your IT infrastructure for concerns continuously and we can respond to them before they interrupt your business operations. This proactive maintenance results in reduced downtime and is a cost effective approach to managing your IT.


Studies have found that partnering with an MSP can reduce your IT expenditures by 25% or more. Whatever the level of IT support your business needs, MicroAge IT Solutions has a package to address your concerns. Our technicians can bring as little or as much support as you feel your business need. Your company needs to operate efficiently and to do so with secure and reliable technologies for productivity, competitiveness, and profitability. MicroAge is an expert in the IT field with the latest, most reliable computer hardware, networking, and security technologies that today’s offices require.