Getting involved with the communities that we live and work in is important to MicroAge. Not only does it help build relationships but it’s important that small businesses like ours instill a culture of giving back and showing that we are more than just another store front. Not only do we work in these communities but we live here as well, and it is meaningful to us to be involved.

Jim Drummond, CEO of MicroAge Edmonton and Red Deer, understands the value of being involved with organizations in the community. Both Jim and his wife, Alberta, have been volunteering for years. They donated a monetary value to causes they believe in but as equally important, they are giving of their time. Helping others has a positive effect on those receiving the donation of time or money but it also benefits those that are volunteering.

Small businesses rarely make the news with their philanthropic efforts like that of the larger corporations but supporting causes you care about doesn’t need to be about a huge check or a pat on the back. Many times the small contributions quietly given are the ones that add up to huge benefits.

Here at MicroAge, we are proud of our employees and the efforts they put forth in our communities. Thank you to our staff for making a difference by being involved with the following organizations in one way or another.

Strathcona Synchronized Swimming Club
Red Cross efforts for the Families of Fort McMurry
Central Alberta Refugee Effort (CARE)
Canadian Diabetes Association
Agency Central Alberta Sexual Assault
Scouts Canada
Canadian Mental Health
Redwoods Retirement Residence
Symphony Senior Living
The Legion
Ecole Camille J. Lerouge School
PTSD Association of Canada
The Blackfalds Library
Red Deer Hospital (Kinsmen)
Bold Centre in Lac La Biche with the Humane Society
Leduc Food Bank
Black Dragon Martial Art
Strive Dance Academy
Red Deer Filipino community

Giving to a cause can create a wonderful ripple effect in our communities. We encourage you to look for ways that you can contribute to the areas you live and work in.